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Hello and welcome to 8 Figure Stack. On this blog I will be sharing high quality free tutorials which dive deep into my methods of making money online, many of which I am revealing for the first time.

I’ve had great success in the blogging game. I have made over $1.95M (USD) online since 2013 with a series of blogs / informational websites. One of which (in the natural health niche) had incredible performance and earned over $233,000 in its first year, going on to do over $1M in total…. before it got smashed by Pinterest, Google and Facebook in 2019-2020 – but that’s a story for another post. I’ve also had another 6 figure blog plus several smaller ones which, although not “big hitters”, continue to make money every day completely on autopilot, which is pretty great.

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8 Figure Stack – why the name?

I originally set out to call this blog “7 Figure Blogger” as I am actually one of those… however after researching I discovered there is already someone called “7 Figure Blogger”. I needed a new name.

8 Figure Stack has a nice ring to it, is not in use anywhere by anyone and also it represents a true “life goal” in terms of achieving genuine financial independence. An 8 Figure Stack – over $10,000,000 – is “goals”. I also believe it is totally do-able using the systems I use, and it’s my next target.

In the old days, a 7 figure stack was the de facto wealth goal. People used to aspire to being a millionaire. It was regarded as the dream.

But having done it, (just, after tax), I quickly learned that it’s really not that much money any more – in the Western World, at least. In numerous cities of the USA, UK or countries of similar financial status, by the time you buy a house, a car, and pay off some bills – you would probably not have enough left of your million dollars to retire on – unless you downsize seriously.

I think you need to set the target at 8 figures now. That’s enough to see you to being “comfortable”.

On this blog I will lay out a roadmap for how this might be achieved, pooling all I have learned about blogging, social media and business in the last 8 years.

If I can help some people on their way towards their own 8 Figure Stack, by sharing how I am creating mine, that will be good enough. 🙂

You can do it.

Who am I?

Call me “Staxxx”. I chose to be anonymous for reasons of personal safety. I don’t like bragging amount money online and until now never revealed my income publicly at all. I would in fact counsel anyone not to reveal details of their income to anyone but their accountant, any legal situation that requires it, and perhaps their closest family members if the trust is there. However, in the world of making money online, nobody is going to listen to you unless you “post your numbers”. All the screenshots and numbers I have quoted on this site are genuine, but I’m not revealing my personal identity. It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is the quality of the information. Hopefully when you read the content you will sense that I am not making anything up!

Read, enjoy, learn how it’s done and then get prepared for battle!

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