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15 LESSONS People Learn Too Late In Life

15 LESSONS People Learn Too Late In Life
15 LESSONS People Learn Too Late In Life Graphic © 8FigureStack

Here are 15 LESSONS People Learn Too Late In Life together with our own notes:

1. Everything Is Temporary

When we are younger we tend to act as though we have forever and don’t appreciate all the things we have. It so often only hits people when it is too late that the time is gone.

2. Life Isn’t Fair

This is a universal fact. There will always be people who are having an easier time and people having a harder time than you. Expecting life to be fair will lead to great disappointment. We don’t all get dealt the same cards.

3. Family Matters More Than Friends

Nobody will (typically) be willing to go further for you than your family. Not only do you need them but they need you.

4. Others Treat You The Way You Treat Yourself, Not Them

This is really a note about setting boundaries. What you are prepared to tolerate will dictate who you associate with and consequently, how you are treated.

5. The Sacrifices You Make Today Will Pay Dividends In The Future

If you want to achieve long term goals you must be prepared to make sacrifices for them now.

6. Sacrificing Your Health For Success Or Wealth Isn’t Worth It

Health is worth more than wealth. Unfortunately people often only realize this once health is gone and they realize that they would rather have it back than the money.

7. Fear Of Embarrassment Or Criticism Stopped You From Being Who You Really Are

So true. We learn this later and end up looking back wishing we had been fearless enough to do follow our path sooner despite the naysayers.

8. Things Don’t Matter That Much

There are 2 trillion galaxies and more stars in all those galaxies than there are grains of sand on the entire earth. Our significance in this vast scheme is extremely small. In a thousand years time, unless you are extremely famous, everything you ever did will have been forgotten forever.

9. Even The Longest Night Is Followed By A Morning

A positive statement on the nature of impermanence. Bad times do not last forever. So hold on tight because they will pass!

10. Happiness Is A Choice And Requires A Lot Of Hard Work

Happiness is not something that ultimately depends on others. It is your responsibility to create your happiness – and this certainly takes work. Make happiness a primary goal and take the steps required to make it happen.

11. This Moment Right Now, This Is You Being Alive. This Is Your Moment

As John Lennon famously stated “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. This is it. Right now.

12. Everyone Is Really Out For Themselves

We all experience life in “first person point of view” and are the center of our own world. Others feel this way too and that is reasonable. Understand this and act accordingly.

13. Beneath Anger Is Always Fear

Understanding this is the key to de-fusing negative situations. Anger is a reaction and pushing back with more anger at the anger escalates the crisis. Understanding the true reason behind anger helps to calm the person down.

14. The World Is Bigger Than The World You Experienced

“If the whole world was a book, it would be a shame only to read one page.”

15. A Lifetime Isn’t Very Long

When you are young life seems long. It is not. It will be over quickly. Most people only realize this when it is too late to do anything about it and regret how they wasted time in their early years. Start making the most of it as soon as possible.

Bonus Ideas:

16. Education In School And College Isn’t Important, But Lifelong Learning Is Of Paramount Importance
17. Spending Your Life Regretting What You Did Or Didn’t Do Is A Waste Of The Time You Still Have.
18. There Is Beauty In The Everyday Things When You Live In The Moment.
19. Peace Of Mind Matters More And More As You Grow Older

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thanks to Alux for the inspirational video behind this post:

16 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful

16 Signs You're Going To Be Successful
16 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful Graphic © 8FigureStack.

Ah, this is really a good one! Top inspirational video from Alux! I have listed below the 16 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful, together with my own notes. Do you have these qualities?

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1. You Can Adapt To Change

This is an indicator of a ‘success mindset’, whereas resistance to change indicates that you are clinging to the past and not moving forward.

2. You Have Something To Prove… To Yourself

This gives you the “inner fire” that you need to win. Successful people often find “not winning” unacceptable, in a deeply personal way. It is not so much about impressing others as about self-validation, dissatisfaction with mediocrity and the burning desire to be significant, consequential and a high achiever.

3. You Are Able To Motivate Yourself

In order to reach success you need to be able to maintain a high level of motivation for extended periods of time. It is difficult to keep going day after day, but those who are on a path to success will find that they have what it takes to do this.

4. You Can Spend Countless Hours Doing The Thing You’re Passionate About

Do you find that you completely lose track of time when you are working on something you are passionate about – and that you put in ‘marathon sessions’ of work on it without even really noticing that this is what you are doing?

5. You’re Aware Of What’s Wrong In Your Life

Having clear insight into what is holding you back and what needs to change is the first step in taking the required action. The ability to self-evaluate is critical.

6. You Take Yourself Seriously

You have a personal attitude towards your life that you are not a joke and that your life is important. This is the opposite of nihilism, which is the attitude that nothing really matters (enough to do anything about it).

7. You Can Handle Stressful Situations

There is a certain type of person who responds well to pressure and in fact only performs their best under duress. This is an indicator of success. How you handle extreme stress – whether you fall apart or find new strength within – is a critical sign of someone who is made of the good stuff.

8. You Are Super-Competitive

If you are ultra-competitive, it is a sign that you have what it takes to be a high achiever. Winners cannot bear to be in second place and have a burning “need” to win and be the best.

9. You’re Getting Better Every Day

Self improvement is an indicator of your future status. How are you doing compared to where you were one year ago? Have you improved? Are you getting better all the time?

10. You Find Happiness In The Success Of Others

A person who truly appreciates and craves success will love to enjoy and celebrate the successes of their friends. Interestingly, those who are bitter about the success of others are subconsciously bitter about their own lack of achievement and their failure to be all that they can be.

11. Credible People Think You’re Going Places

If you are going places, chances are that you will not be existing in a vacuum. Others will notice. The word on the street will be that you are on your way up. The smart money will be watching your moves and getting behind you.

12. You Finish What You Start

Does your life consist of a pile of unfinished (or even unstarted) projects? Or do you find that you see things through to the end and get them done?

13. You Enjoy Being Around Successful People

Successful people tend to admire and get on well with other successful people. There is a mutual admiration among the successful and they tend to enjoy each other’s company and appreciate each other’s struggles.

14. You Have Set Goals

Do you have clearly defined goals? This is a clear indication that you know what you want and are going towards it. If you do not have a clear objective you cannot expect to get there.

15. You Educate Yourself

Taking responsibility for your own learning is a Master Key to success. Education is not something that finishes when you leave school and lifelong learning is a hallmark of success.

16. (Bonus) – You Already Have Some Money Invested

If you are already able to save money it indicates that you have a hard work ethic, self discipline, goals, are planning for the future and are on the way towards your dreams.

25 Problems To Solve That Would Make You A Billionaire

25 Problems To Solve That Would Make You A Billionaire
25 Problems To Solve That Would Make You A Billionaire Graphic © 8FigureStack. Background photo – Shutterstock (under license)

One thing I would definitely recommend to anyone with serious ambitions is to keep a “swipe file” of inspiration. In essence, surround yourself with the greats and learn from them. In addition to a physical diet (the food you put in your body) we also have a “mental diet”. This is the information you consume daily. Is it healthy and nutritious? Or do you feed your mind on McFacebook and McSoapOpera? 😉 I actually believe this to be extremely important in life. What your mind consumes will dictate your level of advancement through life and also possibly affect your mental health. Feed your mind with the most brilliant and elevated ideas of the greatest people. Bin your TV and start building a library of knowledge. You want your mental diet to be of the ideas, thoughts and concepts of those who have most successfully done that which you are aiming to do. You will absorb a lot by osmosis – and the saying that your wealth is the average of the 5 people closest to you has a lot of truth to it.

So I came across this interesting video from Alux, which lists 15 potential routes to being a billionaire. One for the swipe file! This video gave me a shot of inspiration and is actually very good. I think, however, that we can take their 15 ideas and go significantly further.

Ok, let’s get serious. The best way to get rich is to solve the biggest problems. Attempting to gain wealth through craft and cunning, though perceived by some as a ‘fast track’ is beset with problems and tends to create enemies and opposition – not something that you really want. A great number of those who have generated extreme wealth have done so by identifying and solving issues that are faced by large numbers of people. Want to get rich? Start helping people on a large scale.

Here are the 15 ideas mentioned by Alux:

1. Weight loss pill with minimal to no side effects
2. Viable replacement for plastic (please, someone!)
3. Bio printing and organ printing
4. Solving water scarcity (hint – there is no water scarcity, there is a fresh water scarcity / distribution problem) 😉
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Energy storage
7. Food production and alternatives
8. Digital military tech
9. Internet for everybody
10. Private data and home security
11. Male birth control
12. Space exploration and resource capture (Asteroid Mining)
13. Sex robots
14. Hair regeneration
15. Death

Here are some more ideas for multi-billion dollar fortunes:

16) Reliable Cures For All The World’s Major Diseases

As the world grows more crowded and more polluted, as junk food is manufactured for shelf appeal and long storage life rather than optimal nutrition, humans are becoming more sick. Many of the world’s worst maladies – Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on, are already multi-billion dollar industries. One of the most challenging of all fields but one with unlimited potential.

17) Effective Wrinkle Cure

Or, come to think of it, any other system that can reliably make people significantly more physically attractive. The beauty industry is absolutely enormous and people will spend whatever it takes to be more gorgeous. Existing methods of plastic surgery are still risky and impermanent, and skin products, while they will help, cannot ultimately prevent the march of time. If you can cure the wrinkle, you will be among the world’s richest.

18) The Longevity Pill

Despite all our advances, our death-too-soon is still an obstacle that we have been unable to overcome, adding at best a few years to our lives. If you can patent the medicine to significantly slow down or even halt the aging process, that could be a trillion dollar fortune right there.

19) Housework Droid

Henry Ford became the world’s richest man by manufacturing an automobile (previously a luxury item) that was affordable to the masses. Bill Gates did a similar thing with Microsoft and the computer. And Steve Jobs did it for the touch screen smartphone. What’s next? The home robot. If you can create a robot that enables you to party like it’s 1999, leave all the dishes in the sink, socks on the floor, pizza crust fallen down between the cushions on the sofa – and head out for the day… then return to a spotless house with the droid plugged into its charging unit and greeting you in a friendly voice… the world is yours.

20) Elemental Recycling

What I mean by this is a recycling plant that breaks items down to their constituent elements – or at least to pure compounds that can be returned to industry. If all our trash could be reliably and profitably collected, processed and purified back to the constituents needed to make new products – you would not only be a billionaire but also a global hero, of the kind who has a bronze statue in the capital city of their home country. The trash mountain is only getting bigger and we need innovative solutions here, big time.

21) Fast Intercontinental Transport

Well, this one might be on the way. SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell recently (May 2018) gave a TED talk discussing using rocket transport for international travel, going for example from LA to Singapore in 30 minutes. They are claiming this will be a reality within a very few years.

22) Terraforming

Terraforming – the creation of habitable environments where there was only inhospitable terrain before – holds unlimited promise. From the deserts of earth to the icy plains of Mars, there is limitless barren real estate waiting to be turned into hyper-valuable real estate for those who are able to solve the problems of large scale climate and resource management.

23) Mosquitos

Many do not know that the mosquito has caused more human deaths than anything else in history – due to the diseases that they carry such as Dengue and Malaria. Many people are working on this problem. Mass pesticide dumping is a horrible idea and should be superseded as quickly as possible. Fortunately there is some progress in this area: Mosquito Laser is a fascinating project that has achieved some results but is facing the challenge that some of the most problematic areas are also some of the poorest countries. The people who need the most help here are not necessarily the people who can afford this kind of advanced laser technology.

24) Reliable Identity Watermarking For Consumer Goods

The world has an enormous problem with counterfeit goods, which cause losses in the billions to creators of legitimate products. From iPhones to designer watches, children’s toys to rare old coins, items are being faked on a mass scale. A reliable identification system for genuine goods is required; one which would enable provenance to be established in the complex global supply chain. Some effort is being made in this regard by blockchain startups such as

25) Fusion

If we can successfully create and sustain a fusion reaction, harnessing the available power, this will in theory solve all our energy problems, facilitating a great expansion of wealth and resources of all kinds.

26) Internet Pizza

Just for fun – if you can figure out how to send real pizza down the internet, a billion dollars awaits you. Actually wait, that could be a trillion dollar fortune, forget asteroid mining…

Can you think of any more we should add to the list? Let me know in the comments. 🙂 Staxxx.

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