Crypto Knowledge Drop 10/2/21

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Been bingeing on study of the blockchain space. Voraciously searching for and assimilating the best info, education, knowledge that I can.

Here’s a study list – basically a share of the some of the great resources I have found in the last few weeks. Not financial advice, not pumping anything, just sharing info that I believe is worth sharing. Soak it up and enjoy.

Trading Tutorials

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies – this is a really good trading primer going over many of the core concepts.

Market, Limit, & Stop Orders For Cryptocurrency

Averaging, Scaling And Laddering

What Is Proof Of Stake, Liquidity Pools And How To Stake Your Crypto Holdings

Explanation Of Grid Trading With A Bot on Pionex

Scott Melker on London Real, Aug 19th 2021. Scott is a trader who has been in the game a long time and had incredible success. Tons of insight in this interview.

Interesting Projects – Deep Dives / Analysis


A Deep Dive Into IOTA

Coinmarketcap Deep Dives (202 Articles So Far)

Angle. “Angle will be the first decentralized, capital efficient and over-collateralized stablecoin protocol”.

Polkadot, Cosmos, Tezos most likely to follow in the footsteps of Solana

ALTCOINSMATIC, ENJ, WAVES: What this trio brings to your long-term portfolio

Leveraged Yield Farming On Solana | Francium Protocol Review

Qortal Blockchain Project: “A completely unique (written completely from scratch) blockchain-based infrastructure platform capable of eventually rebuilding the internet entirely, as well as establishing the framework for a worldwide economic system based on individual input for gaining of influence in the network.”

Interviews With Thought Leaders

Alex Mashinsky On London Real, Oct 1st 2021. Alex Mashinsky is the founder of Celsius Network and evidently a genius. Super inspiring.

Stani Kulechov On London Real, Sept 10th 2021. Stani is the brilliant founder of AAVE, a DeFi lending protocol that has had phenomenal success.

Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) on London Real Sept 21st 2021. Watch out for the part where he calls out the corrupt system.

Raoul Pal: Introduction To The Exponential Age:

This must-see video is something of a ‘cult classic’. Look at the rave reviews from the people whose minds were blown in the comments!

Raoul Pal Interview On Bankless:

Another brilliant interview – super smart interviewers asking sharp questions!

DeFi, Layer 1 Wars & the Supercycle | Predictions with Qiao Wang (Blockworks):
“The most important question to ask yourself if you want to know the future is where are the developers going.” Qiao goes into why developers are choosing Solana over Ethereum, Avalanche and many more things.

Michael Saylor interviewed by Tom Bilyeu, 10 Jun 2021:

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and tech innovator who has been in the game a long time. Another must see; he brings is engineering mindset into the space. Great stuff.

Crypto Market Cap Could Hit $40T In 5 Years (Sept 2021 Digital Asset Summit, NYC):

They ramble a bit but the notable takeaway here is that these 3 being interviewed are macro hedge fund capitalists whose investments are now predominantly or entirely focused now on digital assets / crypto. This gives you an indication of the current onboarding of “big money” into the space and their thoughts on the next 5 years. It’s still early days… The guys being interviewed are forward-thinking relative to “old school” trad investors, many of whom resist change or even still think crypto is some kind of hoax. Tearing into the FED and the way the public is getting screwed within 3 minutes; the devaluation of global fiat currency, gold, petrodollars… Mark Yusko firing on all cylinders.

Crypto Will More Than 30x | Dan Tapiero, 10T Holdings:

Dan Tapiero interviewed by Scott Melker. Fantastic stream of consciousness from Dan T.

Serum the Future of DeFi (FTX Official, 11 Aug 2020)

Crazy to think that this is over a year old. These are some heavy hitters in the space discussing the way things are going – CEOs of FTX, Solana, Genesis Block. These guys are creating the future.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) – wikipedia

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