New Blog Approved For AdSense In Less Than 8 Weeks! Here’s Exactly How I Did It. How To Get Approved For Adsense

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how to get approved for Adsense
New Blog Approved For AdSense In Less Than 8 Weeks! – Graphic © 8FigureStack. Background photo – Shutterstock (under license)

If you are looking for insight on how to get approved for Adsense, this post is for you!

I checked my Google Adsense account today and discovered that 8FigureStack has been approved for Adsense – in less than 8 weeks since I created the first post! Yay! 🙂

I now have a total of 15 sites/blogs approved by AdSense.

This was in fact my second application for this blog: I applied a couple of weeks prior – partly out of curiosity as I knew this was still a small blog – and got rejected.

Since then I added a few posts but also spent significant time making overall improvements: Editing, lengthening and improving the existing posts; ran a spelling checker and broken link checker; added 600×900 Pinterest images to the top of each article; worked on the factors recommended by the Yoast SEO plugin; added a Favicon; and made sure each post contained at least one in-content link to other related posts on the same blog (internal linking).

Interestingly, at the time of monetization this blog only has 32 articles (+ an “about this blog” page). I would consider this a small amount of content for an Adsense application. However the article length on 8 Figure Stack is much longer than typical blog content and I made a huge effort to pack in as much value into each post as I could. This seems to help!

I have also been approved for Infolinks; this happened I think at around 20 articles.

Monetization is always a great feeling: Your blog is officially rocking and rolling and is going to start paying you! 🙂

Let’s look in depth at more detailed stats to help you get insight and get your blog approved for ads!

Detailed Stats

Approval Date:

First article published: Jun 12th 2021
Adsense approval: Aug 1st 2021


Almost zero! I have done virtually nothing to start promoting this blog yet, hence am typically seeing only around 10 visitors per day; mostly via Google – I haven’t investigated the search keywords yet but I am guessing they are probably arriving through some long tail searches, as I have done zero “external” link building (and pinned about 3 images to a Pinterest board):

Plausible Analytics – Early days yet!

To give further insight on this: I have had a site that gets around 5,000 pageviews per day rejected by Adsense! High traffic volume, which is a deciding factor for some ad platforms, evidently doesn’t matter to AdSense approval at all. 🙂

Onsite SEO:

It’s hard to know whether this is relevant to Adsense approval, but it’s a good practice anyway. I simply followed the recommendations in the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and got the posts the point where 8FigureStack scores “ok” on 28 posts and “good” on 5 posts:

Content Quantity / Length:

• 32 posts + 1 “about this blog” post.
• Super long content!

Many of the posts on 8 Figure Stack are “monster tutorials” – with 8 posts clocking in 5,000+ words. 2 of these posts have over 10,000 words!

I can’t be sure if this was a deciding factor – but it seems to help. All I know is… this is what I did and I got monetized. They don’t give you a detailed scorecard; only a set of “vague reasons” if you aren’t approved and an approval status update in the Adsense panel if you are.

To give you a more detailed idea of the content length, here are the word counts of the articles.


Total word count: 125,691
Average words per article: 3,928

Content Originality:

The content is all unique and “hand written” by me. No spun articles, no outsourced articles. About 15 of these posts were “ported over” from an old blog and deleted / 301 redirected from that old blog. I have a feeling that if you are migrating content to a new domain and 301 redirecting the old, your old content *may* need to disappear from Google’s cache to avoid a duplicate content issue – I don’t know for sure though and don’t know how long it takes; I would guess “weeks”. If your content is a “clone” of content appearing on another site, I would think it highly likely that your ad application is rejected.

Top Tips To Get Approved For AdSense And Other Ad Platforms:

I have a full tutorial on that here:

12 Key Factors That Will Help Your Blog Get Approved For Top Paying Ads

Here are some additional notes based on the fast approval I just had with 8 Figure stack:

Focus On These Key Points To Help You Get Monetized:

Honestly my #1 tip would be to concentrate 75% of your efforts on your content length and quality. Don’t just spit out thousands of words of fluff and filler – but focus on making your content better. Add more value. Go further in depth into the topics in your articles and “go the extra mile” in consistent quality. This seems to be the most consistent pattern I have seen when comparing sites that got approved with sites that didn’t.

I would say aim for 50 good, solid articles minimum before applying to Adsense. I was not confident that I would get in at 32 posts, but thought it would be interesting to give it a shot and see what happened. If my content had been “thin” I don’t think even 50 articles would cut it. Unique, good quality “Long-form” content is key. Full-length, well researched tutorials and articles. Put yourself in the shoes of the visitor. How would you feel if you landed on your site? Be really honest.

I also think there is an element of luck of the draw. I imagine that the approvals team have thousands of sites to whip through and different reviewers are going to have different feelings about a site; so if you make some improvements, wait a week or 2 and then reapply, you might be in luck and may get a different reviewer. Don’t just keep on reapplying for a weak site however. Make it stronger first! 🙂

Adsense definitely evaluates sites on a case-by-case basis. If you have other sites approved, it doesn’t mean that a new site will be approved. Similarly, if you have had other sites DISapproved, it doesn’t necessarily mean a new site will also be disapproved!

I now have 15 sites/blogs approved by Adsense and 2 still disapproved that evidently need some improvements! One of the rejected sites is an “image site” with unique “quotation pics” – it has over 1,200 posts; some posts have a short article (around 200 words) but the majority of posts only have the image and the quote written out below it – no article at all! – so I think it’s fairly obvious why it was disapproved. Despite the fact that the graphics are original and loved on social media, there is not enough written content.

Ask yourself these simple questions about your blog:
Does this blog provide VALUE to the visitor?
How can I improve the value delivered?
Does the visitor “get what they came in for” when they view my content; leaving them better informed and (hopefully) closer to making an informed purchase decision (that’s the ideal scenario from an advertiser’s point of view at least!)

In essence, Google (and other advertisers, especially well paying ones) don’t want their ads to appear on “junk websites”. Think that over and consider what it means – and why.

So now you know where “the bar” is to get monetized. Make it happen! 🙂


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